Family activities

During your holiday you want to spend time with your family. We invite you to join one of our innovative activities with our ConnectScout Mads. There is age limit 12+ for the teen activities.

  • Digital Treasure Hunt – take your smartphone, Google Maps and there you go! Can you find all the hidden treasures?
  • Holiday Movie Maker – capture your best holiday memories and make a movie together with the ConnectScout. The video will be uploaded on Youtube so you can share it with all your friends.
  • Instagram Challenge - who can take the best picture and get the most likes? Bring your smart phone and find out! #sunconnectpuertoazul
  • Photo Walk – the ConnectScout will take you and the other guests for a nice walk to show some hidden spots in the area. Don’t forget your camera!
  • Teen Sport Tournament - Join our ConnectScout for some sport activities. Can your team win the tournament?