Meet Lollo & Bernie

Come and join the Lollo & Bernie KidsClub! And Caroline, Sofie, Jeena, Maja and Ida. We organise a lot of activities such as:

  • KidsCulture – discover local music, language, traditions, food, art, etc.
  • KidsYoga – a fun and relaxing activity. Can you transform into a cat, dog or frog?
  • Minidisco - five evenings during the week!

All kids from 3 – 11 years old can enjoy the activities. The Lollo and Bernie Kids Club is located under the poolarea. Check the Holiday Planner for an overview of all the children activities.

Lollo or Bernie walk around the hotel area and the pools. They will wave, give a highfive and hug all the children. They have a show at the stage two times a week
and will always join the MiniDisco.

You can also order Lollo & Bernie items from our worldwide webshop and get them sent directly to your home address.